History is in the Making and the possibilities are endless.

Custom Creations

Capture meaning and memories in unique hand-made creations symbolic of cherished times, places and relationships. Your personal, found or forgotten treasures that you hold dear can become renewed, priceless and precious keepsakes.


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My Book: The Beauty of Barns

Whether you are a long time admirer of barns or you have never given them a second thought, there is something in this book for everyone. Breathtaking snapshots and a metaphoric look at the seasons our lives go through and how storms can build character.


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13.1 Journey


A personal journey with friends prompted me to preserve the memory for each of us. For almost 8 months myself and some friends have been on a journey that has.. Read more

Historical picture frame


Wood and stakes from a Historical American Ship get transformed into a keepsake picture frame. Wood pieces and stakes from a Historical ship that a private collector had acquired were.. Read more

Crib rungs to keepsake box and earrings


Rungs from A family crib becomes a keepsake box to give to a granddaughter:)